This is the seat you want to bring to the table. The Lyndon Chair is a delightful union of simplicity, playfulness and warmth. Made from cherry oak, each hand-assembled chair is custom-made with a satin finish—giving the wood the illusion of a subtle glow, like Brown skin under the warm sun.

The chair’s soft curves and rippled silhouette converge in an ergonomic design that pays homage to the interplay between Detroit’s music history and the sitter’s own narrative. The chair holds its bearer with familiar care—celebrating the union between tradition and contemporary design.

The design strikes a balance between the historical weight of mid-century Michigan modernism and the whimsy and discovery of Detroit’s westside. The Lyndon Chair was designed by Aleiya Olu and built in Detroit.

22.5" W x 19.5" D x 41.75" H

Solid oak frame with matte satin finish
Made in Detroit, MI

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